The way of Saint James by sea?

On a sailing boat?

The Way of Saint James can be completed entirely by sea, in the same way that it can be made on foot, horseback or by bicycle. The credentials or ‘passport’ for pilgrims wishing to follow the Way by sea can be obtained from any of the ports or organisations that have signed up to the NORTHMARINAS nautical association’s The Camino on the Sea agreement. In order to obtain the Compostela certificate, the following requirements apply:

Pilgrims must be able to prove with the stamps on their ‘passport’ that they have sailed at least 100 nautical miles and completed the final kilometres of the Way of Saint James on foot, obtaining the final stamp at Monte do Gozo.

In addition to undertaking the Way individually at any time of year, each year NORTHMARINAS organises the group The Camino on the Sea CROSSING, which takes place during June.

VIII Edition The Camino by the sea 2023

How can I take part?

Once the year’s route has been decided, normally in January, the online registration period opens. Those interested in taking part should contact the organisers via the website, who will send the registration form, as well as details of the cost and terms and conditions.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, filled in the registration form and made the corresponding transfer, your boat will immediately be registered for the The Camino on the Sea crossing.

In this case, there are also several ways that the organisers can help you.

  • SI would like to join a boat participating in the crossing that needs crew members, thereby sharing the costs and work involved in completing the pilgrimage: in this case, you should contact the organisers via the website. You will be included in the list of crew members sent to the boat owners wishing to hire crew members from those included on the list and in order of registration. A new list will be drawn up each year.
  • I have friends that own a boat or I am in contact with a sailing club: in this case the objective is to transmit the adventurous spirit of pilgrims interested in completing the Way by sea and encourage them to sign up for the crossing.

All these options are available for the Crossing or at any other time of year.

Got a question? Contact with us! You can also contact charter companies such as:

How do I register?

Make sure you have made the payment by bank transfer according to the current rates:

  • Deposit account number (Abanca): ES65 2080 1092 3230 4000 4989 BIC code: CAGLESMMXXX
  • Beneficiary: North Marinas
  • Concept: Place of departure / Name of ship / Number of crew members

Next, fill in the following form with the data of boat, skipper and crew.

In the event that the number of final crew members is not clear on the day of registration, the registration procedure will also be carried out to reserve the boat with the number we know at the time, after which the remaining payment for the total number of crew members on board will be formalised prior to the start of the voyage.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. You can also call us at the following telephone numbers: +34 633 557 065 / +34 670 405 446

Once we have received the details of the form and the transfer has been checked, the boat will be registered and will be confirmed by email.

Deadline for registration 10 April.


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